Good evening, sports fans. In discerning circles I’m known as the Howard Cosell of the crypt, which is to say I’m more or less a professional practitioner of art that tells a story, and stories that dabble in themes that don’t lend themselves to dinner conversation.
Now here you have a study in penology: man imprisoned by his fellow man, caged in a barred cubicle and left alone far too long to contemplate both his sin and his sanity. This painting is called “Finnegan’s Flight.” It touches upon prisons, hypnosis and the soaring wings of imagination—but as to the latter, a small warning: imagination can be a double-edged thing. It can take you out of the humdrum realities, but it can also fly you to a place much less pleasant. May I introduce to you now Mr. Finnegan in his first and last appearance in the Night Gallery.