The Paintings—Season 3

Universal Studios released a series of 12 art prints of some of the Gallery paintings in 1972. They are long out of print, although they occasionally show up at a collector’s store or in an eBay auction. None of the reproductions included paintings from the pilot film or the first season of the series. Second season titles included “House—with Ghost,” “You Can’t Get Help like That Anymore,” “The Dear Departed,” “The Devil Is Not Mocked,” “The Tune in Dan’s Café,” and “Phantom of What Opera?” Third season titles included “You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan,” “Fright Night,” “Spectre in Tap Shoes,” “She’ll Be Company for You,” and “Rare Objects” (this last was altered from the version shown in the series episode). The last of the 12 art prints, titled “The Return of the Sorcerer,” was not the painting used for that episode in the series. It is definitely by Tom Wright, but it may have been painted for an unproduced segment of the show.