The Paintings—Season 2

Most of the original paintings for Night Gallery were either altered for use in other productions or sold by Universal Studios years ago. For the most part they remain in private hands, although occasionally one shows up at an auction house. There are some forgeries floating around, the exact number unknown. In December 2002, two forgeries were offered in an online auction from Sotheby’s through eBay. Before the auction started, one of the fakes was pulled, a bad copy of “The Late Mr. Peddington”—which had, accurately enough, its original title scrawled on the back of the painting, “The Flat Male,” meaning that the forger had access to the original during the forging process. Still, an obvious fake of “The Flip-Side of Satan” was auctioned off at that time. Care must be taken by potential buyers if a Night Gallery painting is spotted at auction. If there is a question of authenticity, seek out an expert’s help.