The First Season

(Six episodes, 60 minutes)

NIGHT GALLERY #1 (Air date: December 16, 1970)

Teleplay by Douglas Heyes • Story by Fritz Leiber Jr.
Directed by Douglas Heyes
A shocker about a physician who carries an experiment in hypnosis to a terrifying conclusion.
Carl Betz as Dr. Max Redford
Jeff Corey as Dr. Miles Talmadge
Louise Sorel as Velia Redford
Michael Blodgett as John Fearing
Glenn Dixon as the Minister


Written by Douglas Heyes (under pseudonym Matthew Howard)
Directed by John Meredyth Lucas
A dabbler in black magic schemes to improve his marriage with the help of a little green jumping frog. His goal: infuse a loving soul into the body of his beautiful but cold wife.
Larry Hagman as Cedric Acton
Jeanette Nolan as Miss Wattle
Suzy Parker as Carlotta Acton
Cathleen Cordell as Miss Beamish
Howard Morton as the Headwaiter
Merie Earle as the Old Woman


(Air date: December 23, 1970)

Written by Hal Dresner
Directed by Jerrold Freedman
A crafty old invalid plans a fiendish revenge against his faithless wife with the unwitting aid of his nurse.
Joseph Wiseman as Jacob Bauman
Diane Keaton as Nurse Frances Nevins
Angel Tompkins as Lila Bauman
Morgan Farley as Charles
Larry Watson as the Chauffeur


Teleplay by Rod Serling • Story by C. M. Kornbluth
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc
A medical bag from the 21st century falls into the hands of a discredited 20th-century doctor. Result: miraculous healing—and abrupt tragedy.
Burgess Meredith as Dr. William Fall
Chill Wills as Hepplewhite
George Furth as Gillings
E. J. Andre as Charlie Peterson
Arthur Malet as Mr. Ennis
Eunice Suarez as the Mother
Marion Val as the Sick Girl
Johnny Silver as the Pawnbroker
Lindsay Workman as the First Doctor
Matt Pelto as the Second Doctor
Robert Terry as Dr. Nodella
Ralph Moody as the First Old Man
William Challee as the Second Old Man
James Metropole as the Intern

Written by Rod Serling
Directed by Allen Reisner
Mission control scientists watch helplessly as a disaster unfolds on the moon.
Joseph Campanella as Simms
Richard Van Vleet as the Astronaut
James B. Sikking as the First Reporter
Jason Wingreen as the Second Reporter
Albert Popwell as the Third Reporter
Jerry Strickler as the Alarmed Technician


NIGHT GALLERY #3 (Air date: December 30, 1970)

Teleplay by Rod Serling • Story by André Maurois
Directed by John Astin
A fragile young woman walks a fine line between fantasy and reality until she finds a house she has known all her life—but never dared to enter—in a recurring dream.
Joanna Pettet as Elaine Latimer
Paul Richards as Peugot
Steve Franken as Dr. Peter Mitchell
Jan Burrell as the Nurse
Almira Sessions as the Old Woman


Teleplay by Rod Serling • Story “The Shadows on the Wall” by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Directed by Jeff Corey
An ailing woman dies under the care of her sinister brother, but her accusing shadow remains indelibly cast on the parlor wall.
Louis Hayward as Stephen Brigham
Agnes Moorehead as Emma Brigham
Rachel Roberts as Rebecca Brigham
Grayson Hall as Ann Brigham


NIGHT GALLERY #4 (Air date: January 6, 1971)

Written by Rod Serling
Directed by Steven Spielberg
A tragic tale of a desperate comic who can’t get a laugh, and the deal he makes with an equally desperate miracle worker.
Godfrey Cambridge as Jackie Slater
Jackie Vernon as Chatterje
Tom Bosley as Jules Kettleman
Al Lewis as Myron Mishkin
Sidney Clute as David Garrick (Theater Producer)
John J. Fox as the Heckler
Gene R. Kearney as the Second Bartender
Tony Russel as the Theater Director
Sonny Klein as the First Bartender
Michael Hart as Miss Wilson
Georgia Schmidt as the Flower Lady
Sid Rushakoff as the First Laugher
Don Melvoin as the Second Laugher

Written by Rod Serling
Directed by Walter Doniger
A fanatical big-game hunter forces his son to shoot a deer—inviting the vengeance of terrible gods.
Raymond Massey as Colonel Archie Dittman
Tom Troupe as Pierce
Barry Brown as Archie Jr.
Herb Jefferson Jr. as Tom Mboya


NIGHT GALLERY #5 (Air date: January 13, 1971)

Written by Rod Serling
Directed by Richard Benedict
A two-character story about a haunting with a weird twist. The haunted: a husband who murdered his magpie wife.
Phyllis Diller as Pamela
John Astin as Jonathan

Written by Rod Serling
Directed by Gene Levitt
The tale of a ship that picks up a man adrift in a lifeboat labeled “Titanic”—three years after the liner sank.
John Colicos as the Survivor
Torin Thatcher as the Captain
Hedley Mattingly as the Doctor
Charles Davis as Wilson, the Officer of Watch
Brendan Dillon as the Quartermaster
William Beckley as Richards
Terence Pushman as the Helmsman
Edward Colmans as the Captain (Andrea Doria)
Pierre Jalbert as the Officer of Watch (Andrea Doria)
Carl Milletaire as the Quartermaster (Andrea Doria)

Teleplay by Rod Serling • Story by Algernon Blackwood
Directed by Rudi Dorn
A hideous doll becomes an agent of revenge against an officer in Queen Victoria’s colonial forces.
Shani Wallis as Miss Danton
John Williams as Colonel Masters
Henry Silva as Pandit Chola
Than Wyenn as the Indian Messenger
Jewel Blanch as Monica
John Barclay as the Butler


(Air date: January 20, 1971)

Written by Rod Serling
Directed by Don Taylor
The series departs from the macabre with a poignant play rich in characterization. William Windom won acclaim for his role as a has-been salesman desperately seeking a return-trip ticket to a happier past. (This segment received an Emmy nomination as Outstanding Single Program—Drama or Comedy, 1970–71.)
William Windom as Randy Lane
Diane Baker as Lynn Alcott
Bert Convy as Harvey Doane
John Randolph as H. E. Pritkin
Henry Beckman as Officer McDermont
David Astor as Mr. Blodgett
Robert Herrman as Tim Riley
Gene O’Donnell as the Bartender [scenes deleted]
Frederic Downs as Randy’s Father
John S. Ragin as the First Policeman
David Frank as the Intern
Susannah Darrow as Katy Lane
Mary Gail Hobbs as Miss Trevor
Margie Hall as the Switchboard Operator
Don Melvoin as the First Workman
Matt Pelto as the Second Workman

Teleplay by Rod Serling • Story “The Horsehair Trunk” by Davis Grubb
Directed by Daryl Duke
A brief episode about a crippled athlete who is plotting a murder. His weapon: mind over matter.
Jack Cassidy as Marius Davis
Martine Beswick as Susan Davis
Martin E. Brooks as Dr. Armstrong